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Review: Thought Bamboo Leggings

Review: Thought Bamboo Leggings

Thought Clothing

As someone who loves to practice yoga, I want to know that the items I’m wearing whilst doing this are sustainable. I love using these leggings from Thought as they’re specifically designed for yoga, and come at an affordable price point unlike so many sustainable clothing brands out there.

Thought is an amazing UK-based clothing company which does a range of sustainable clothing, consisting of tops, sportswear, socks and more all in ethical and long-lasting materials.

So what do they use?

Thought uses a wide variety of natural and sustainable materials, including organic cotton and bamboo to make their clothing, which are hugely better for the environment than synthetic fabrics. They also use recycled fabrics, making products from plastic bottles, which is an awesome way to give those bottles a new life.

How good are they?

I love these bamboo leggings because they’re designed to keep you cool when you’re hot, which is great during a yoga session! Although they are marketed primarily as yoga leggings, I have worn them for spin classes and they were really good for that too. Although, if you’re looking for more activewear leggings then I would recommend looking at their range to pick some more suited to your needs. I definitely recommend these specific ones for yoga as they’re super comfy, and look good too!


Final Thoughts

I love these leggings. They’re comfy and are great for practising yoga in. I’d definitely recommend these as not only are they perfect for yoga, they’re a nice colour, made in a long-lasting material, and sustainable too!


Let me know if you’ll be trying these bamboo leggings any time soon, and if you’ve found any sustainable clothing labels!

Hannah x


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