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Review: The Clean Kilo

Review: The Clean Kilo


Situated in the heart of Digbeth, The Clean Kilo has a welcoming vibe the second you walk in. Filled with zero-waste essentials, loads of bulk goods, fresh fruit and veg, there’s so much this shop has to offer. It’s definitely a necessity whenever I need to stock up! The concept of the store is that you bring your own containers to stock up on a whole variety of different foods, thus eliminating the packaging waste that usually comes from buying products. You weigh your own containers on their scales and print off a label with the weight of your container so they can remove this when they weigh your product, and if you don’t have enough containers, they have lots of paper bags there too.

I always love looking at their local, seasonal fruit and veg that they have in store, I recently got some of their carrots and bananas, as well as baking potatoes, which always taste spectacular. By buying food in season, the foods carbon footprint is reduced.

Another highlight of this store is their loose leaf tea and coffee grinding section. Here you can get practically every flavour tea you’ll need, from your classic English Breakfast to Raspberry Lemonade tea, there is no limit to the amazing flavours you can get here. You can also grind your own coffee beans in their coffee grinding machine, with two amazing flavours to choose from as well as a decaf option!

If you’re in need of a pantry stock-up, look no further than their wall of grains and pasta. With many different varieties of pasta, noodles, rice, couscous, quinoa, they have everything you’re looking for. As well as this, you can get a range of cereals, including organic varieties of oats, muesli and flakes. My personal favourite item in this section though is the organic popping corn, it’s so good and I love buying loads so I always have some ready for when I need a snack. Their range of pulses is also extensive, with an assortment of lentils and a variety of beans. My personal favourite is their red kidney beans which I love putting in chilli.

You can also pick up an incredible range of snacks, from nuts, seeds and dried fruits, as well as their own trail mix. They also offer a range of vegan chocolate-covered snacks, but my favourite snack to get are their sea salted crisps which are delicious.

They also have a great variety of baking ingredients, oils, and herbs for all of your baking and cooking needs!

By far one of their best sections is their cleaning refill section, where they have washing up liquid, fabric softener, hand soap, and multi-surface cleaner amongst many more cleaning supplies and tools (like washing up sponges, dish brushes and loofah’s).

You can also pick up great utensils for aiding you in your zero-waste journey, and these make great gifts too! They have a variety of toothbrushes, reusable pads, was wraps, reusable bottles, and so much more. I recently gifted my mum some of their homemade wax wraps for her birthday and she loved them.

Other things include; a kombucha refill section, a grind your nut butter machine, different kinds of homemade non-dairy milks each day, a deli section with free-range eggs and freshly made bread.

There are so many great things about this shop that it’s hard to talk about it all, but it is definitely such a staple when I go shopping. I could not recommend this shopping experience enough, and it is perfect for anyone who has any dietary requirements and wants to reduce their plastic and food packaging consumption.

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